5 reasons I think we are doing an awesome job

I was speaking to a gym owner the other day who asked me straight up...

"Ben, I get what you're doing with Awesome Supplements, but what do you think are the actual benefits to my members and clients, how and why do I convince my gym members that Awesome Supplements are better? 

And that will answer my question of whether I should stock you or not" 

Now I thought that was a very fair comment, on the surface, at a quick glance, we might just seem like another supplement company (I hope not, but if so, I'll work harder to clarify that for people on our website and as a whole with what we do). 

So I wrote out 5 bullet points on what I thought made us different or better than the rest.... 

1. Awesome Supplements is a brand you can wholeheartedly trust, we are not selling products that don’t work or that you don’t need, everything we do is based around the current science, heck, we even have an ebook on the website called "8 Reasons you don't need supplements" 

2. Everything is dosed to maximise performance and recovery, often the dosages recommended might seem high, higher than other brands, but that is because that is the effective and researched dose for effective recovery and or performance. 

Could you take a lower dose? Sure, but it wouldn't be optimal, according to the research. By all means take a lower dose to economise, it will still be beneficial. 

3. You can get a higher quality product at the same price as many budget brands because of the efficiency measures we have done, for example, our whey is actually only 1p more expensive than the leading budget whey protein brand per serving of actual protein. 

Daily Dose is more cost efficient and higher quality than most companies if you are buying fish oil, vitamin D, ZMA and a multi-vitamin 

4. We take every opportunity, which you can see on our website, to educate the end consumer about what supplements they should take and why, if any at all 

5. We simplify the consumers journey with supplements rather than complicate it, which many supplement companies do

Just 5 reasons I think we are doing a more awesome job than the competition...

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