5 Reasons you should eat CARBS...

1. It fuel's maximal, glycolitic, exercise performance. Don't think not eating carbs, over time, will make you perform optimally in the gym or on the pitch.

2. It supports your metabolism by keeping your Thyroid in check. A low carb diet, over a period of time, will down regulate Thyroid function leaving you at risk of lowering your metabolic rate, not good for fat loss.

3. Carbs can be highly nutritious, both from fruit and vegetable sources, and starches also. But it comes down to your starch choice, oats and sweet potatoes are elite in comparison to bread and pasta nutritionally.

4. Carbs are essential in recovery. Exercise is glycogen depleting, so having carbs after exercise, or in your daily diet is essential to replace what is lost via training, assess what type of training you do and re-fuel appropriately.

5. Carb restricting for long periods of time can make you have poor concentration, be lazy, and lethargic. Long term depletion of any macro or micro nutrient will have down regulatory effects on your energy, central nervous system, and overall well-being / physical function.

With carbs the devil is always in the dose (in relation to starchy carbs like oats & potatoes), some function very well on them, so by all means have more in your diet at daily meals, others don't so have your carbs when it counts i.e. after exercise.

Otherwise your diet should pimped to the MAX with vegetables and fruit.... NUTRITION!

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