5 Reasons you should eat FAT...

1. It contains the building blocks and pre cursors for healthy hormonal function, want high hormonal function? Thought so.

2. It creates satiety, leaving you fuller for longer. Combine a diet moderate in protein, high in fibre, and enough fats and you will have a very satisfying diet.

3. You run the risk on a low fat diet of not absorbing fat soluble vitamins, one reason to not drink red top milk.

4. Lowering fat will likely lower your intake of Omega 3 fats, essential in blood function, combating inflammation, nerve conduction, and a whole host of other benefits.

5. Fats are essential, they are called essential for a reason. A low fat diet is not sustainable for the above reasons, and more.

One reason I tend to never take anyones diet below 25% of calories from fat, for most aim for 30%, some higher again.

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