Alcohol makes you FAT?

Alcohol makes you FAT...



Alcohol makes you fat is commonly thrown around, but remember, nothing makes you fat in and of itself

The problem with alcohol is its all too easy to over consume it

Have one beer, easily leads you to have another, and so on....

An average pint of beer is 180-220 calories, so you can see how it quickly adds up, few pints, then food on top, it can easily make you overeat

So can you have alcohol as part of a balanced regimen where you maintain or even lose weight?

Of course you can, you just need to have the ability to say no, or limit your intake to an amount that keeps you on track

I drink alcohol a 1-3 days a week, sometimes just a beer, sometimes 2-3, either way I have made a decision about what to have and ensure it doesn't cause me overeat or over consume calories that day

The other issue is alcohols secondary effect, making you feel tired, unmotivated, and more likely to eat processed, high calorie food

(who ever craved a salad last time they had a few drinks!)

Either way know alcohols affect on your body, know your limits, know how it affects you, and manipulate the variables for the best possible outcome

Some people even might need to be Tee total when chasing a goal because they dont trust themselves around alcohol, if thats you, then maybe thats what needs to be done

Either way, alcohol doesn't make you FAT by itself, but its good at creating an environment that can easily make you fat...

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