Something the media often tells us....

at least with red meat anyway! 

Protein consumption is always a popular talking point in the media, with various experts saying how bad it is, and this will likely only increase with a growing movement of vegan nutrition 

Now let's be frank, we all need to eat protein, it's ESSENTIAL 

And I would argue, that for optimal performance, recovery, satiety and longevity, it needs to be more than what we are recommended to eat by the government, which is 0.8g per KG 

Protein isn't bad, it important, so let me give you...

5 Reasons you should eat PROTEIN….

1. It builds and repairs everything in your body. Not just muscles, all cellular tissues. So yeah, it’s really important. 

2. It supports your muscle mass, which in part supports your metabolism, so yes even you ladies need adequate protein in your diet. 

It won’t make you big, it will make you awesome! 

Don't be scared of protein and building muscle, you don't just get muscle from eating protein, you have to train HARD at the same time while (for most) in a state of heightened calories 

3. It keeps you fuller for longer. This is an issue many have with being on a diet, or when trying to lose fat; staying full and not getting hungry. 

Pimp all your main meals with a good serving of protein and you will last longer in-between meals (as well as having a good fibre content to your meals) 

4. Protein is probably the one thing diet systems, personal trainers, and nutritionist all agree on, a moderate to high protein diet works for health, fat loss and overall body composition. 

Thank god we (for the most part) agree on that one - probably because its proven so much in the research! 

5. Protein supports your immune system in a variety of ways. Low immunity is something many suffer from and something I see as highly correlative in people that don't eat enough protein, eat it consistently in most meals. 

The government recommends 0.8g per Kg, I would double this as a starting point for most people looking at optimal health & performance, so around 1.6g per KG, especially if you exercise 

Protein is king, don't be scared of it 

(just ensure you get your veggies in too)

p.s. if you want to learn more about nutrition, health and the science around it, ask and we teach this stuff in our online nutrition courses!

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