It's diet season, it's January, and people are making changes to their diet... 

Are you? 

We all see the ideals that are thrown around by fitness professionals; that the perfect breakfast is a Spanish omelette, or fish and vegetables, or protein pancakes..... 

I could go on 

But sometimes just a small step is needed 

Think of this diet change...

Going from your bowl of lucky hoop things to a plate of mackerel with green vegetables - yes, an extremely healthy swap, but it's a HUGE leap 

And ultimately, how long will it stick? 

Does it even seem normal, making this kind of dietary jump? 

Cause for many mackerel and green veggies is NOT breakfast food 

(Yes, I know any food is breakfast food)

But just ask yourself if what you are doing is sustainable in the real world - for YOU

Most people this time of year will make an extreme dietary jump, switching from a diet that's very unhealthy to very healthy, and while this is commendable it's rarely sustainable 

Perhaps just switching from cheerios to porridge or even Weetabix isn't such a bad swap 

Yes it could be improved upon some more, but so what, it's WAY better already

So just think about how extreme your changes are this January... 

And if your a coach or PT coaching others with their diet, think about some of the changes you are asking your clients to make this Jan, and how successful your clients are likely to be.... 

Food for thought.


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