I go on about caffeine A LOT....

Yet too few pay attention to my moans and actually implement my advice to cut down 

Thing is, I want to perform at my BEST. 

Simple as. 

And I can image you do too? 

When I go to the gym, or go running, or play rugby, or really need a boost in my physical and mental performance I take caffeine, and it works a treat 

How many of you that take caffeine pre workout get a big boost from it? 

It's not a case of sheer magic that you don't, it's shown that the more caffeine you have in your diet the less of a performance boost you get 

If you have caffeine in your diet all the time, you don't get much of a boost pre workout. You might get a little boost if you take a bigger dose, but it's a slippery slope 

It's just like many drugs, the more you take over time the more you need to get the same effect 

Want to read some science on it? Here you go:

A research paper showing that the more you consume, the less effective it is 

So my advice? 

The same as always. Have caffeine in your diet as little as possible except when you really need it: 

Pre training / sport / performance 
Really bad nights sleep 

Otherwise keep it out of the diet where possible and I bet your health, consistency of energy and performance will benefit 

You're welcome! 

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