Get Muscly in a Month?

Anyone watched the new BBC documentary 'Get Muscly in a month'? 

What did you think? 

I thought there were many positives to the show, but I don't feel enough prep work went into that program to create a healthy outcome for the viewer 

Things I did think that were positive: 

- Promotion of positive female body image 
- Weight training for women 
- Amazing results you can get if you work hard 
- Inclusion of the body coach to make food taste good 

Things that could have been better: 

- The extreme nature of the program 
- The maturity of the trainer used in the program 
- The diet that was promoted / used 
- The extreme daily training 

With programs like this, there is the potential for millions to watch, and just like any health program there is a huge responsibility to put out the right information to ensure the consumer is inspired to change in a healthy way 

For me, this was VERY extreme in it's approach 

Many people find fitness alienating, they think it's too extreme and takes too much to get fit and healthy and that you have to eat like a rabbit to lose weight 

Yet for me this program promoted all those aspects, which for me doesn't fill the user with hope that they too could get fit and healthy 

Now some of the context was around female figure shows and this is often their approach (arguing if that is the right or wrong approach is a post for another day)

BUT the main theme of the show was healthy change, which the presenter aimed to achieve in 30 days 

Which she did, she lost 10% body fat over 30 days, which is an incredible result, congrats to her, but it was via a very extreme diet and training program

2x daily training sessions, cardio in the am often fasted and then weight training with the trainer, alongside a diet that was very restrictive and had a lot of rules around it (which were not actually properly discussed, you had to make a few assumptions with the diet, but by what the presenter was saying it seemed very low calorie and we never saw her eat a carb, only once when she saw the body coach for some ideas and she ate a wrap) 

The presenter talked a lot about how sore she was throughout the process (often doing exercises in a lot of pain), she often talked about how tired she was, AND that by the end of the show how glad she was that it was all over, and did a dance out of the gym to celebrate not having to be in there again 

Now for me, fitness should be inspiring to others, it should encourage you to change and think it is do-able, what in this program inspired that change? 

Being so happy after 30 days to be out of the gym, that she danced out of it? 

What are the chances the presenter took any of that program or advice away with her long term and kept those changes up? 

The PT: 

The trainer that was used was a lovely girl, and her heart was in the right place, but for me they should have used a trainer with more experience, more knowledge around training broad populations and not just someone who had done a few bikini shows and was now a trainer (the words of the program, I believe she was 20 years old and had done a few shows and was inspired to be a coach and teach others - which is awesome, but does everyone had to train like a body builder in strict prep mode?)

It was apparent that many of the things discussed could have been a ton better with some more mature PT years under the belt, in my opinion. But she was an amazingly positive trainer, and I liked that from her, very encouraging. 

The training used in the program MIGHT have been the best way to get the most improvements in a physique in 30 days, like you would training for a comp, but that was never said it was the aim of the program, for me the aim of the program was to show change but the empowerment lifting can bring to women (which they opened the show with)

Except for me it showed how extreme it was and created more of a divide between the body building world and the general consumer currently not inspired by fitness 

Anyway, rant over. 

I had a lot of hope for this program and think it could have done so much in terms of empowering people with the gym and the benefits, but the extreme nature of the show, for me, just made the gap bigger between us 'fitness people' and people not yet inspired to be fitter and healthier! 

Link to the show, and please do share your opinion, this is simply mine....…/episo…/p04gr9vy/get-muscly-in-a-month

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