Is meal timing dead?

Is meal timing dead? 

Many think it is, I disagree 

Should you eat every 3 hours, or 4 hours or...? 

See most talk about meal timing in the context of fat loss 

Let's ignore fat loss, lets talk about HEALTH 

To be energised, healthy, be full of beans and focused you need balance and consistency 

Thus, regularity with meals is important 

If you go too long without a meal you might feel tired, lethargic, and not perform if exercising 

So timing is key 

I'm all too good at getting up, having something light for breakfast, setting to work, then working too long (I get in the zone) and then I hit a wall and think I really need to eat now, I'm sooooo hungry 

Whereas if I had stopped 30 minutes earlier and eaten, I would have averted any dip in energy and mental performance, which is less likely to cause me to over eat, reach for something sweet, or eat while cooking and end up eating more than planned, things we all do when we are starving 

So is meal timing dead, NO. 

But find out what works for you, every 3 hours, 4, 5, whatever works, just be consistent and I bet you will feel all the better for it and get far more consistent energy 

Consistency is king, daily.

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