My HONEST opinion of SFN Expo 2014...

So this weekend gone, 30/31st August was SFN Expo, and boy what a weekend it was…..

Now you might be asking yourself, why write this blog?

Well in the build up to SFN I heard a lot of people talking about it being the 1st ever show, and we all know what can often happen the 1st time something goes down, not many people go.

Well, 3500 people went.

Compare that to something like Body Power, sure, it’s a blot on the landscape, but that doesn’t make it not worth attending.

In fact, small things are often better, you can get personal attention, actually meet the people you want to meet, find a seat to eat your lunch, not que for everything, get a seat for the seminars, and generally not spend all day fighting with others just to walk around.

But my biggest beef with these comments is that nothing grows without YOUR support.

Everything is small when it starts, it only gets bigger by you supporting it, that means buying a ticket, attending, and telling your friends how awesome it was afterwards encouraging them to attend next year.  

I heard a lot of people even at my Edinburgh seminar the Wednesday before say ‘I can’t, I’m working’ – it’s been advertised for like, an age, book it off, get involved, cant be working both days all weekend, get organized and get on it.

See for me, I LOVED it.

I met some AWESOME people, people that listen to the podcast and wanted to say high, people that read my blogs, people that have used TDT, and people that are enrolled in one of my education programs, alongside meeting up with industry friends for a few laughs, and a bit of business.


My seminars were well attended, I had packed out crowds with people queing in the wings and around the sides, for me, that’s a huge personal success in itself, well worth attending.

I mean, look at the quality of the line up and the topics…..


I learnt from the 2 talks I attended by Andy McKenzie and Sabina Skala, both practitioners that I enjoy listening too (they were on the other stage FYI, not the above stage). 

In terms of value for money, anyone that attended one of my seminars will likely tell you they were worth the ticket price alone with the content that was delivered.... 

I got to meet some new companies, some athletes I had never heard of, chew the fat with Layne Norton again, and generally hustle in the expo environment.

As a person it was great to attend, as a presenter it was great to attend, and as a business (TDT) it was also worth attending.


So in short, get on it. Support SFN Expo, these things grow with support. Keep an eye out for updates on their Facebook page and if you want to see your friends at SFN expo then share this blog on Facebook and Twitter and tag in your friends / colleagues that should have been there. 

If your a business considering being there next year with a stand email Neil directly for details: Neil Maclean <>

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If your new to my work also check out my podcast, 100 hours of FREE nutrition advice. Android and iPhone links <HERE>

So to wrap up……. See you next year! 

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