My Opinion on Sports Drinks...

When should you drink a sports drink? 

When you hit the gym, play sport, go for a run or just day to day? 

Ultimately we need to consider what a sports drink has traditionally been used for....

SPORT, or more specifically, prolonged exercise, sport or exercise usually lasting over 60 minutes at high intensity

So if you were to play football, hockey, rugby, go on a long cycle ride etc, you would traditionally use a sports drink 

But these days a sports drink is a universal drink, it seems many people, despite the activity they do, drink a Lucozade 

Now if you are on a diet the first thing you have to consider is the calorie trade off. 

If you drink a sports drink thats an extra, on average, 360 calories, of sugar, per 500ml a bottle 

Now when I'm on a diet every ounce of food is precious, and the last thing I wanna do is waste that, 360 calories worth, on a sugar ladened drink 

The calories I consume that day I want them to be from whole foods to ensure I stay as full as possible and energised, which can be tough as it is when you are on a diet with a more limited food intake

Now if you are dieting and training A LOT, then it might be good to have it, you're training a ton, often for several hours, then do it, it will prolong performance and overall increase calorie expenditure, but if you are hitting the gym for 1 hour, maybe 90 minutes, at moderate intensity, leave it, drink water or a non calorie electrolyte drink 

IF you are kicking ass in the gym, performance is your key outcome, you are training for 90 minutes hard, or you are a sportsman/woman then have one, its a good idea, your goals are purely performance focused and if you often have a decline in performance in the last 20-30 minutes of your training then this is the perfect reason / application for a sports drink 

To prolong performance. 

In this case start sipping the drink just as you start training and finish it 10 minutes before you finish, ingesting the bulk of the drink in the bulk of your training session

Should it be drunk at any other time? 

I'd say no, there is no need to drink 360 calories of sugar, its a waste of calories, and a waste of money, have some water. 

AND, if you do want / need to have something like Lucozade, a sports drink, opt for a powdered version, this will be A LOT cheaper and you can personalise your dose depending on what you are doing, for what duration, and for that intensity need 

For a cost effective, nice tasting electrolyte and carb powder (which is a lucozade), check out Awesome Supplements Electrolytes plus carbs - simple, cost effective, and easy to personalise

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