RANT #29

FUCK what people think.....

It is probably the biggest road block you will ever encounter in your own personal success. This can be said for anything, health, diet, business, getting to the gym, personal growth, changing the colour of your hair, ANYTHING! 

I've just been to Portugal, mainly resting, but a seminar along the journey. One of the biggest roadblocks I encountered with the people that I delivered the talk too (largely women), is what others think....

What should your response be? 


Peoples thoughts are fleeting. Imagine this scenario, you are standing at the bus stop in a chicken suit. You are going to stand there think 'OMG everyone thinks I'm a right tit in this suit'. 

And you do, TIT! 

And your right, people driving past will think WTF!? But that thought will be fleeting, literally the 3-5 seconds that they are looking right at you, then their thoughts will drift onto something else, like the pretty pink shoes they have on, the bug on the window, where they are going, the noisy kids, or the song on the radio. 

Peoples thoughts are often fleeting, you are in their minds literally for seconds. 

Also, at what point should you care what others think? 

We are all shit scared of being selfish, we think others should come 1st in the face of being scared of offending anyone. 

So what if you offend someone? They will only be offended because they see a weakness or inadequacy in themselves, not because you have actively offended them with your actions. 

BIG example is in people and their eating habits. People see you eating well and make you feel bad for it, only cause they don't have the personal strength and drive to sort their own diet an health out and relinquish there dreams.... 


Stick TWO MIDDLE FINGERS up at the haters. 


Be the person you DREAM of.

Be the opposite of what people expect. 

Why? Cause what's a life worth living if you are not really living your own life, but the life others expect you to live.... 

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