RANT #30

If your one of these folks smashing through 20-40g of BCAA's a workout please think for yourself, or at least wear the common sense hat....

More is better, even if it makes me bankrupt.... 

More, more, more.... 

Really, 20-40g, do you even know how that is being used in the body? 

Just cause a guy looks massive or ripped it doesn't mean his success is attributed to a massive amount of magic white pills. 

Pill's that are found in food, protein! 

In all honesty, if someone is selling something and saying the results are based on this product then sniff BS. Results are based on TONNES of factors. 

I have met so many trainers that say you have to have X amount of BCAA's during your workout, ideally X per set, and I say why, and not a single person can tell me why, none, never! 

It's just a case of this is what we do, so do it! 

People are just following, buying, and taking! 

When it comes to supplements you should always have your BS radar on max. 

I'm not saying sports supplements don't work, or are not valued, far from it, but let's hit some context....

We know that the liver can only de-animate around 10g of BCAA's per hour in the body, so taking on board 40g per hour over your bicep curling session, how are they being used....? 

Yes BCAA's are entered straight into the blood stream, but is the livers capacity a sign that that is also the blood and thus muscles capacity for use? 

Unfortunately we don't know, it's guess work. Even if up-regulation occurred intra training it can't be by that much. And if sufficient protein is already in the diet how much benefit are we getting? 

No one knows, were guessing! 

Taking maga doses of BCAA's intra training is like eating the equivalent of half a kilo of chicken, in terms of amino content. 

Is there a benefit to BCAA's intra workout, maybe, quite possibly, but at a dose of 20-40g, no way! 

There is also ZERO research to support high doses in the context of an adequate diet, and its a pretty simple research study to conduct, so if there was a semblance of benefit to be had we would have identified it in the research by now. 

Especially as most recommending a high BCAA intake are also recommending a high animal protein diet at the same time.... 

Supplement companies are not even recommending mega doses, and the companies are usually the culprits. 

As a result of my research, anecdotal data, experimentation etc I would suggest this, if you can afford to supplement with BCAA's, then go for it, but at 10g (most people train for around an hour), we could hypothesise that this would be highly beneficial to support training in the context of the current research.....

Are BCAA's essential in a good high protein diet, no, beneficial, quite possibly, but at a low to moderate does, not more is better. 

Give your body aminos when it might really need them, in intensive training, but not at the amount that you might as well be eating a rotisserie chicken during training! 

AND it would definitely fall into a preferred list scenario for me. If training for hypertrophy and strength I would opt for creatine (or a mixed lactate buffering product), then whey protein (used post workout and for diet flexibility), leucine for maximum muscle protein synthesis dosed in and around your diet, THEN BCAA's if money allows, and the list could go on a little depending on budget.

So, are BCAA's the bicep curling saviour, no. Could they be beneficial, yes, but not at 20-40g a workout along with your mixture of pre workout pills and powders...

Opt for 10g intra training if money allows, preferably with lactate buffering agents (which are AWESOME).

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