RANT #31

If you put people down, this is for YOU!

If you are one of these people at the brunt end of the haters, then share it...

People accuse people of obsession when they get into health and fitness and discover an incredible path to better heath.

People get enthralled in it, they can't think about turning back to their old ways, the only road is to keep on going, to keep on feeling and looking and performing better.

If your that hater this is just you being lazy and accusing others of consistency to their goals….

It's not obsession:

Its determination to SUCCEED

If your that person telling someone else to:

'live a little'
'let go a bit'
'enjoy life'
'just have one' 
'everything in moderation'

Self reflect and ask why you are doing this...

Your only jealous that someone else has the drive to keep consistent to their goals. If they do what you do, if they 'live a little' then you have justified your inadequacy to be consistent, it's now OK to 'live a little' cause the 'obsessive one is doing it too.

Yes there is obsession in the health and fitness culture, but it's rare, and it is a form of body dysmorphia. But most people are just dedicated, dedicated to the pursuit of being better, of wanting more.

Stop being a hater, and join the hated.

It's fun being AWESOME

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