RANT #33

It's been a while, but I'm back in the ranting game....

Food rotation, how many people know about it? Yet fail to practice it?

Over the years I have been surprised at how many people develop crazy intolerances due to the food they eat. One classic is chicken and broccoli, oh, and rice, mmmm

I have body builders (classic) come to me getting bloated on what seems to be EVERYTHING they eat. But what do they largely eat? Yep, you guessed it...

Over consuming any one food is not a good idea, part of the reason we have such an epidemic of gluten, wheat and dairy intolerances, people consume it from 1 years old most days and at most meals, it's our youthful staples!

Rotate your foods, chicken, beef, lamb, fish, I don't need to list foods, there are endless amounts of variations for you to try, don't make life too easy, long term your immune system with hate you, and your guts will go to shit.

If your really feeling funky try some zebra, blesbock, crocodile, or some other awesome critter with eyes and visit http://keziefoods.co.uk - code '0609BTNBC23' will bag you some discount, winning!

LESSON, rotate your foods, variety is the spice of life for both you and your internal workings!

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