RANT #40

Ah, biscuits for breakfast....

Sure, a nice convenient breakfast pre packaged in a handy little portion to help you on your weight loss goals, why wouldn't you....

Oh yes, cause at what point were biscuits on the weight loss menu, let alone for breakfast?

Health is about change, most people are not reaching their health and fitness goals as they are not changing habits and thought process's. Losing weight (fat) is about chasing optimal health, and a caloric deficit.

A biscuit for breakfast may do one, but not the other!

Every time you put something in your mouth (eat a meal) think, does it contain:

- A natural source of protein
- Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
- Non inflammatory food sources
- Ingredients that will balance blood sugar
- Ultimately, does it contain NUTRITION

Biscuits are not on the weight loss and change menu, not even for breakfast, sorry!

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