RANT #42

An image that has been doing the rounds lately...

Juice Plus versus whey protein, fair argument?


Bear this in mind:

  • Anything can be hard to digest if someone lacks the ability or is impaired for some reason.
  • Too much protein to assimilate, what about the serving size? Retarded comment.
  • Contains allergens, anything can, but indeed whey can be more commonly allergenic than veggie proteins.
  • May cause bloating, relevant to the above, if its reactive in that individual it indeed may cause bloating and be a gut irritant.
  • Acid forming, not if the rest of the diet handles an alkaline PH, which with plenty of veg will do, rather a mute argument in a healthy diet.
  • Promotes inflammation, it will if reactive, if not, it won't.
  • Promotes cancer, massive statement for a company to say that, I think they should be reviewed as a company by a government entity if they are making claims like that, wild claim, nuts!
  • May contain antibiotics etc - possibly in low quality protein powders, more relevant to US market though, EU has stricter standards over this.
  • Promotes lean mass, oh dear, cause that's really unhealthy...

Juice plus, essentially just another shake that's having some wild marketing put behind it, is one better than the other, not really, a shake for me is something to be used as a convenience thing when needed, not as a direct meal replacement on a regular basis, a convenient time like post workout to get the right nutrition on board, otherwise, if your buying it for any other reason you are being sold up the river!

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