RANT #43

The fitness industry is a dark world of judgement...

In the fitness and health world we are quick to judge others without circumstance or knowledge of the background, something I definitely used to do. I suppose with the perception of 'great knowledge' comes a critique of others too easily.

I would say that was my immaturity as a coach!

I am glad it is a trait I have changed in myself as a coach.

The fitness industry is full of judgement and blinded criticism. If we want everyone to help one another why are we not just taking every opportunity to help, encourage, and educate?

Is there any other industry like it, an industry focused on improving peoples health but with so much criticism and negativity?

For the most part it only results in argument, people becoming disheartened that they cannot achieve their goals, and being more confused. Whatever change someone has made it is better than what they were doing before. Any change is likely a positive. Is there a better option, sure, quite possibly.

But that step already taken is one of positive action. Not a negative. Don't berate people for the positive changes already made!

We can even relate this to my hate for companies like Herbalife et al (yes all you shake peddling weight loss f***ers get thrown into the same boat) and the negativity around it.

By all means berate the 'Wellness Coach' selling it, but not the person buying it. They just don't know anything different, they are making the best choice with the knowledge they have.

Don't shout at them and tell them to stop drinking that S***, show them a better way, show them a resource they can use to make a better decision and maybe use the rest of their tub of amazing shake loveliness as gym chalk (http://bit.ly/1hFxEQz)

Fuck the negativity, fuck the criticism, we are an industry of change and support...

Lets do just that, help people... !

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