RANT #44

Curry for breakfast anyone?

Apparently this is weird, curry for breakfast...

But is toast or cereal not weird-er?

What constitutes normality in any meal? Should we not just be eating food for its health benefits?

It is still the norm that cereal, toast and bacon & eggs are breakfast foods, we have a condition of the mind that this is the done thing.

But what if this thought process is something that is limiting your progress?

I would be a millionaire if I got £1 every time someone looked at me weird for what i was eating, or said you can't eat that for breakfast/lunch/dinner...

But a meal is just a meal, a time when you eat food to nourish the body and provide for it's needs.

I eat food for that purpose, to provide for optimal health and function, whether curry, fish, stew, whatever is in the fridge is fair game for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The sooner you get over this the sooner you can progress, everyone seems to struggle with breakfast foods, yet any food can be eaten for breakfast, its just your perception that is holding you back...

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