Rant #46

We are in a worrying time of diet culture...

If you are a coach that has a female client on less than 1200 calories a day, or a male client on less than 1600 calories a day and have them exercising on top (often cardio every day) you are...

1. Irresponsible 
2. Inhumane 
3. Uneducated 
4. Disillusioned 
5. Unethical 

There are too many coaches in this industry hurting people, damaging people, and giving them a false illusion of what it takes for successful and healthy weight loss. 

The usual prescription is: 

1. Weight training 4-5x a week
2. Cardio of 40-60 minutes 4-5x a week 
3. A diet so low in calories they are merely suffering, usually 1200 or less for women, 1600 or less for men 
4. High in protein, low in carbs, low in fat 
5. Devoid of any adequate re-feeding or cycling of micro or macro nutrients

If you want to be a coach that just gives a client a program to guarantee results by throwing exercise at them from every angle and making their diet so low calorie they are constantly tired and depressed I hope that you...

(you can imagine my train of thought... it's not friendly!). 

Stop being a bad coach, educate yourself, stop breaking people, stop making them fall out of love with training and their nutrition, stop making them tired and depressed, we are coaches, we are meant to make them feel alive, we are meant to inspire them by changing their life for the better. 

Don't just change their weight, change their life. 

Who wants to look good naked but feel like shit?

Cause I for one am tired of these clients coming to me for help, I am honoured, yet disgusted that so many coaches behave like this. 

This needs to STOP. 

If you are a coach reading this and doing this, take action on yourself, if you are a client of a coach reading this and the above sounds familiar, ditch your coach and run a mile... NOW! 

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