Rant #47

Today's the day you say... SCREW YOU!

One reason I feel people don't reach their goals is their environment, they are surrounded by:

1. People that judge what you eat for lunch

2. People that whinge when you don't drink in a bar

3. People that feel bad when you order something healthy off a menu in a restaurant

4. People that say your boring for going to bed at a normal time

5. People that find you crazy for MAKING time for exercise

6. People that make you feel guilty for being on a diet, or trying to make the right choice to reach your goal

Stand up to these people. Be strong. Stand by what you want. If you can't be who you are, be confident by your choices, and stay on the course because it is the right one for you, what chance do you have.

When someone says something, just smile politely, give your reason with CONFIDENCE, smile again, and in your head say what you are really thinking if they give you some stick for it.

Be confident with your choices.

Don't be influenced by others, cause it is only making THEM feel better, not YOU.

Be selfish, stand up for what you want.

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