RANT #48

One reason I try to educate coaches is see I stop getting these emails of help...

It's time personal trainers and coaches learnt enough to help clients, not break clients, you are responsible for their health, and emails like this fill me with rage that these people are qualified to 'help' people...

Hi Ben,

I have also struggled through my journey to be at my optimal best, and have definitely, prior to getting certified in Personal Training, driven my body into metabolic damage. There have been periods through this journey where I have eaten as less as 900-1200kcals for 1-2 years, have tried no carbs, low carbs, and intermittent fasting.

I am 5ft, 15% BF and now weigh 45kg but have been 55kg at my heaviest. I have been training primarily in bodybuilding type workouts for 3-4 years and I believe I have gained muscle and definition but cannot lose the last bit of fat around mid-section.

In January, 2013, I decided to get a coach to help me when I was 47kg and was introduced to the world of IIFYM. My body fat came down but so did calories to 1000kcals, I hit a rock. I finally gave up as my periods had stopped, my sleep was interrupted every night from stress of not eating enough. So I decided to reverse diet myself and to slowly increase calories from June, 2013. I slowly increased to 1700kcals without gaining much weight and decided that I wanted to prep for a contest for June 2014.

I got a contest prep coach, and we worked our calories up to 2250kcals at the end of January, I didn’t gain much weight, but some body fat had crept on. We started contest prep at 1300kcals, which has decreased again to 1000kcals with 3x HIIT of 50mins and 2x steady sessions of 60 mins, 2 upper body weights and 2 lower body weights. We also went through a period of ketogenic dieting as we found when I had a reefed, my weight would be elevated up until a day or two prior to next refeed.

It has now come to the time where I am 4 weeks out from contest and I have considerable stress, eating low calorie, have no desire to train (which was my passion) and have given up again!!! In addition, I am very sensitive to carbs now, and have bad digestive issues when I consume them. At the moment my macros stand at 100g protein, 85g Carb and 30g Fats.

I know this is not how I want to live and have been on this journey for about 7-8 years and still am nonetheless happy.


At what point is this story going to change?

I hope quickly, I hope personal training academies and training providers start teaching this stuff and PT's stop reading shitty blogs from the 80's about training clients.

Get your head in the game, and use some bloody common sense too!

Find coaches that nail this stuff ALL THE TIME to get your info from, coaches that are getting results without screwing people up like:

Stephen Box - Fitness Model & Coach
Phil Learney - Strength Coach/Educator
Phil Graham - Health, Body Composition and Performance
Mark Doherty - Training and Nutrition Coach
Simon Herbert - Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Rich Sennewald
Scott Baptie - Nutrition/Fitness Advisor
Alex Ferentinos - Nutrition and Training Consultant

If you feel your education is lacking then errol on a course to educate yourself like the Body Type Nutrition Academy where this stuff is covered in depth, or get on one of the above coaches seminars, watch some youTube videos from credible courses, watch one of my online seminars.

Anything, just stop guessing with this stuff, its dangerous, its peoples health you are messing with!!

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