RANT #49

Seen today's news about diabetes surgery?

I'll be short... I think it's disgusting.

And it's not the NHS's fault, yes it an awful policy, it's not the answer, but I bet the NHS feel like there backs are against the wall.

I talk to practitioners that are in the NHS regularly and the solution is staring most people in the face, CHANGE!

Changing the diet, doing some exercise, making better choices, but people simply don't want to do it.

So how do the NHS stop the crippling cost of obesity and diabetes (which could cripple the NHS in 10 years time), put a pretty little band around overweight peoples stomachs and stop them coming back for treatment year in year out.

We all know the real solution, EDUCATION. I'm trying with my work, I know many others are too, and hopefully it will help a lot of people.

But until people accept responsibility for their health and weight the NHS will never think of a perfect solution, they have one, the eat well plate, its not perfect, but its a good starting point for many people and will work to get people out of the danger zone - metabolic syndrome.

Change... comes from accepting responsibility for YOUR body first!

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