RANT #50

We live in a world where cheap is better...

Sometimes... in fact... not that often.

See we always want something for the best price, thats cool, I don't spend money necessarily, that's just logical.


When it comes to an outcome you value, cheap is rarely better.

We want cheap food, cheap gym membership, cheap drinks, cheap clothes, cheap coffee, but do we?

We say we do, but we regret it when we do make the purchase.

Let me list some things I feel you want to avoid going cheap on:

1. FOOD - it's your health, buy the best food your money can buy. Yes your budget isn't limitless, work out where it's worth spending a bit more on and where to save on, i.e. dry foods you can get for bargains, cheap fruit and veg would be something I wouldn't scrimp on.

2. PHYSIO - a cheap physio is unskilled, they will take longer to assess, longer to treat, not be able to manipulate as well, as keep you coming back for longer, a good physio will assess, treat, give you homework, and I bet have you on your feet 50% quicker, thus likely costing the same as less session for often the desired outcome, many unskilled physios won't even get to the bottom of the issue.

3. ALCOHOL - cheap alcohol is horrid, I love booze, who doesn't, but I would rather have 1/2 bottle of epic wine and call it a day than 2 bottles of crud wine. Enjoy a fine drop, just less of it.

4. GYM MEMBERSHIP - a cheap gym will likely be over crowded, have poor equipment, poor staff that don't care, and a crap shower at the end of it, pay a little more, get what you actually want.

5. KETCHUP - no one like bad tomato ketchup, you need twice as much and are ALWAYS disappointed with the taste, go posh on the ketchup.

6. COFFEE - you always think, I'll try this one, its a bargain, always disappointed with the taste (even with posh-er chain shops), do your homework and find that little place with the killer cup!

7. CONDOMS - enough said.

Now yes it's very easy for me to sit here and say spend more on things, I'm not quite saying that, we all have a monthly budget and I get that, what I am getting at is that the mentality that cheap is always better, sure you can save on some stuff, but other stuff I don't see as giving the value back.

Work out where you can save and where you can spend more on other stuff that is important to you, or should be important to you.

Cause cheap isn't always better!

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