RANT #52

What would you do if tomorrow you got injured?

What if you couldn't get in the gym?

Couldn't play the sport you love?

Couldn't keep up your fitness at an optimal level?

Would it break you?

Fitness is a beautiful thing, BUT there is more to life than fitness. We as diverse humans need to have multiple things that define and interest us so that our interests can be realigned at any given time.

If you got injured could you put your energy elsewhere into something just as positive, something that would make you grow and develop you or your skills?

Whether it's developing some new recipes, doing some arts and crafts, spending more time with loved ones, doing community work, helping our your local club or youth centre, doing a sport that works around the injury...

If you got badly injured tomorrow what would you do?

If you can't think what you would do question your life's balance and look to create more in your life that you can focus your energy on....

Balance is key.

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