RANT #53

IIFYM and Calories are the answer...

I find it interesting online how there are many 'nutrition' coaches that continually promote the fact that you can have the body you want if you just track your calories and macros... 

Now I am nor agreeing, nor disagreeing with this statement in this post, there is a place for IIFYM, just like many other nutrition thought process's, context and application is always king!

What I find interesting is that they all sell online coaching, they are IIFYM coaches.


If all that matters is calories and macronutrients why don't they just give the person a link to an online calorie tracker, wave them goodbye and say 'good luck brah'?

If it's all about this one component (which many promote), how are they even in business, all you need is My Fitness Pal?

Or do you pay £80 a month for some macros?

Is there a magical macro split that they know?


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