RANT #54

Why does the trend of comparing people to a bodybuilder still exist?

Someone puts up a photo of their body/physique, the next minute you get comments regarding the balance and symmetry of their physique, as if everyone was a body builder...

Where has this come from?

In the world of nutrition, health, performance & training, just cause some of our early understanding of training came from the body building world it doesn't mean that everyone that exercises is trying to be a body builder.

Many people train for many purposes.

This hit home when I posted my updated journey the other week, only to receive comments about my physique, my calves, my quads, etc

I'm not a body builder.

Nor do I train like one.

I play rugby 3x a week and am in the gym 2x a week.

Sure I throw a good portion of work in there to enhance / develop my physique more, but just in the vain, like many, of performing well, being healthy and looking half decent with my shirt off!

The fitness world needs to stop judging others as a bodybuilders, everyone trains for different purposes, different reasons. If someone posts a photo who is clearly stating the subject is bodybuilding, or they ask for your critique then give it, people posting their progress, journey, achievements online isn't an open invitation to find out your opinion of their delt depth, their tricep thickness, whether they have skipped leg day or not.

On a different note, if you are not a bodybuilder, don't compare yourself to the pictures that you see unless you are striving for that kind of physique, it could very well lead to a faulty image of where your progress/training should be leading you. As soon as there are other variables at play, like playing sport, endurance alongside weight training, then this will skew your goals and what is achievable physique wise as there will always be that very random variable, sport and training for performance, which often can't be accurately accounted for with the in/out of energy and nutrients.

Encourage, and stop judging everyone as if they were a bodybuilder, something myself and Rachel Guy - Strength & Conditioning/Physical Therapy talked about this week on the podcast, episode 108, which you can listen to here:

Links for iTune/android: www.bencoomber.com/podcast

p.s. if you then have to post a picture of yourself in the comments section of a post to show that you have a better physique than the person posting it, or due to comments made back at you for your negativity, what does that say about you...

p.p.s the photo on the left, Kai Green, having met him, a true and humble legend in the bodybuilding world!

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