RANT #56

Healthy food is expensive.

Well, more expensive compared to some alternatives.

In an IDEAL world we would all likely eat slightly differently, better cuts of meat, organic vegetables, raw juices, fresh berries all the time...

But many can't, the IDEAL diet is cost prohibitive for many people.

But one thing us as coaches should not do is make people feel bad about this, everyone has unique circumstances and we need to be aware of that.

It's OK to have own brand corn flakes for breakfast.

It's OK to have a ham sandwich for lunch with an apple.

It's OK to have pasta and sauce with flaked tuna for dinner.

Yes we all know the IDEAL, we know in the perfect world the above would be different, but for some it can't be different, that is what can be afforded.

If that is better than the alternative of even worse quality food, in a higher calorie load, then I know what I would want a client to eat....

Do what you can, don't feel bad it's not the IDEAL.

Sometimes losing weight is just about eating less, and if you have to do that from a non-IDEAL perspective, then so be it, weight loss is better than no weight loss.

Small steps are better than no steps, cause for many, corn flakes are better than the alternative....

Context, it's always key.

Support people on their journey, cause most people never have the ideal circumstances.

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