RANT #57

Hate running?

Yeah, me too.

Well, hate is strong word, maybe, "don't overly enjoy".

It's one reason I play sport, keeps me fit, gives me focus, and gives me a goal to constantly hunt down.

But yesterday I had to go for a run, I was missing my rugby training session, thus I needed to get in some fitness, something, didn't matter what, but a short hard run was the perfect and easy solution.

Did I want to go?

Not really.

I don't mind running outside, when its muddy in the countryside, with no cars, but road running I don't really enjoy, and my only option to be time efficient was a road run.


It was a case of getting the job done.


Cause in my sport I need to be the fittest guy on the pitch, I am relied on to be there, to be the distributor, a decision maker, to guide and instruct, to aid in the smooth running of everyone else's job.

That's WHY I went for a run.

For me that was enough, it was the only reason I needed to don the trainers and get my ass out there.

Whatever journey you are on, whatever you need to do, find your why.

A WHY gives you a reason you are connected with.

Talking in the context of weight loss, as it's an easy analogy and a journey many are on, wanting to lose weight isn't enough, you need a why, an emotional reason that makes you want to lose weight, people rarely lose weight just for wanting to lose weight, they need a why....

My why was that I wanted to be the person I am relied on to be, and I wanted to be THAT guy, the guy that is fitter, that can be relied upon, that can keep going till the last whistle.

... Find your why...

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