Read this if you are scared of carbs...

Scared of carbs? 

Scared of bad carbs maybe, like sugar and processed food? 


After all carbs are the human bodies most basic form of energy, sugar aka glucose (in it's most simple form when broken down) 

Low carb diets will not be more beneficial for fat loss compared to a higher carbohydrate diet 

What's important is that you eat less 

Can you lose weight effectively following a low carb diet? 


Cutting out carbs is a good way to drop calories from the diet, helping you lose weight 

But it's not the carbs that were making you fat, but the overall calories that you now happen to have dropped 

Also be wary of going low carb and doing lots of exercise, exercise needs carbs to fuel it 

(for most unless you're doing long distance endurance training which can have some benefit to being low carb and fat adapted)

If you are dieting, and low carb, and suffering when training add some more carbs back in to your diet in exchange for some of the fat or protein you are eating 

Carbs are not bad, carbs are good, it's just a food many of us tend to over eat too much and too easily. 

Enjoy carbs, just moderate them in your diet like anything 

p.s. yes whole food carbs are better than junk food carbs, try eat whole food carbs 80-90% of the time in your diet

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