Is SUGAR evil?

Is SUGAR evil? 

With all the press around sugar at the moment, we need to address some real facts surrounding sugar 

Even top celebrities like Davina are saying sugar is evil in the press, but is it? 

First off, sugar is a source of energy, it's the most simple form of energy we consume and is used easily and readily by the body

The only energy source the body uses faster is alcohol 

If you eat a vegetable, it gets broken down into sugar, same with fruit, same with starch, bread, all carbs are sugar in its simplest form 

Now is sugar, let's say pure sugar or processed junk food, the same as sugar from real food? 

Yes and no 

Yes in terms of its calorie / energy

It's all gets broken down into sugar and has 4 calories per gram 

But no in terms of its overall benefit to the body. 

We eat real food which does get broken down into sugar, but it also comes with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, co-factors, enzymes and.... and ton of stuff that's good for you! 

All things which support our health 

So when we are having conversations about sugar we need FAR more context, we can't just say it's evil, it's a basic energy source of the body 

Should we minimise our processes sugar and carbohydrate intake, YES 

The key issue with processed sugar is it is indeed inherently nutrition-less, it's just pure energy and thus very easy to over consume due to its calorie density 

I would say, ideally, that 80-90% of your carbohydrate content should be from real food 

The remaining 10-20% from non optimal foods isn't going to be a big deal 

So let's please stop loosely throwing around that sugar is evil, it's not, but we do need to be getting most of our sugar from real food, and not skittles!

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