Is Weight training is better for fat loss?

Weight training is better for fat loss...



It's been said by many personal trainers that you should do weights, not cardio, for fat loss

Somehow, its better, but how?

Now every form of exercise has it's benefits, and weights, as we know, sculpt and shape a physique

If you want a certain 'look' or 'shape' to your body, it would be wise to do some form of weight training

Weight training does also support muscle maintenance and growth, and that is good for a healthy metabolic rate, the bones, and many other systems

But what about simple calorie burn, is weight training best?

Now depending on what you are doing, a one hour weight training session is going to burn around 3-350 calories, but that will be 100% dependant on the amount of 'work' you do in that hour

Compare this to running, where running at 5 mph for an hour you would burn around 600 calories

Then if we look at exercise with greater intensity and volume, like some classes people do; spinning, boxercise, boot camp, circuits, crossfit WODs etc, you're going to be burning even more per hour

So whats the moral of the story?

Weight training is good for you, it has a TON of benefits, but it's not the be all and end all if you're trying to lose weight

Try get a variety of training in, a mixture of weights, some circuits or running or swimming, lots of walking and general daily movement

This will maximise your calorie burn, after all, if you can burn more when trying to lose weight in any given hour of exercise, why wouldn't you?

Get the weights in, but also get some cardio or HIIT in too and maximise your results per hour of training

p.s. Training doesn't have to be one hour, you can burn a lot of calories in 10-20 minutes if you set your mind to it...

Burpees anyone?

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