What are your goals in 2017?

The next 3 months for me is all about building MUSCLE..... 

I've decided that I want to have another good period of building as much lean muscle mass as possible, to try and keep developing my physique, and I can imagine this will go for longer than 3 months, but thats my starting time frame 

Over this year I've worked hard at balancing my body, becoming pain free, and moving well, and I'm happy with my progress, but its time for my goals and focus to change... 

The last time I did a good stint at building muscle I did well, and you can see the development in my quads, shoulders and chest (my focal areas) from the left and right photos, a total of 2kg of muscle over 4 months 

(The middle photo being the fat I gained in the process before I leaned out a little to reveal the GAINZ) 

Now I have to juggle this around rugby, so I'm following a simple program of: 

Pull + Core 

Again focusing on my legs (my weaker area in terms of muscle bulk), chest and shoulders, with less attention to my back and arms (and calves, gave up on them years ago) 

This program structure also helps with my busy yet ever changing schedule, I might do 3 sessions a week (my usual minimum), and I might do more, skipping to the front of the 3 workout cycle and continuing 

(I can also only maintain this level of training on top of rugby if I am sleeping well and eating well, as soon as that changes I train less and give my body more time to recover) 

What are your goals for 2017 physically? 

I'm not sure what I will side step to after this phase of building muscle, but for now it doesnt matter, I'm focused for the next 3 months 

Are you focused on your results? 

Do you know what you need to do to achieve them? 

I'm going to be posting my results and progress on our new online group coaching program 'Built for Life', I'll be a student of this program led by the other BTN coaches, I won't be teaching the program (well, a few bits), I'll be a student just like the others on this 12 week muscle building journey 

So if your goal is to lay down some quality muscle over the coming months, snap to it, create a plan, and if you want some guidance, maybe sign up to Built for Life...

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