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Sports Nutrition Conference

- 17/11/2019

Twice a year we host the BTN Academy Nutrition Conference and this winter its focused on sports performance, sports nutrition, body composition, sports psychology, and performance management. If you’re someone looking to take the next level with your plan, or you coach others, this full day of learning will teach you the science and art of elite physical and mental performance. It’s a cold and windy time of year, get out and join us and get inspire with what’s possible with the human body.

Sports Nutrition Conference image

25 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat

- 16/11/2019

Fat Loss is simple, but not easy. In this flagship talk of mine I explore all the different factors that lead to a lack of success with your fat loss. There is a lot that happens day to day that can hold you back, and in this talk I aim to inspire you to think about all these different factors and how you can create a clear path to success. If you’re seeking fat loss, if you’re seeking inspiration and motivation, get to this talk, I promise I’ll inspire and teach you to take action on your goals.

25 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat image