A Beginners Guide to Lifting Weights

A Beginners Guide to Lifting Weights

Want to hit the gym and lift weights but feel lost, not sure what exercises to start with or what is a good warm up? Grab this simple guide and get started. I’ll show you the ropes, give you a simple 12 week beginners plan, show you how to track your progress, and give you tips on what to eat and what to supplement with.

I’ll talk you through how to set up a gym training program, why we set it up this way, how to support it through good nutrition, a few choice supplements that will help, and tips on ensuring maximal recovery.

Once I have taught you the benefits and how it all works we will then start on a basic 12 week plan, a plan that will see you master the fundamentals of the gym and form the foundations for you to advance in the future. Once you have completed this basic training you can then advance onto one of my other programs, but for now start here and earn your stripes.

Grab a copy and let’s get started on bossing the gym.

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