Nutrition for Performance

Nutrition for Performance

Nutrition for Performance

Nutrition for optimal performance is part science, part trial & error and part context. Yes, there are principals that stand the test of time in which I’ll teach you. But applying them to your needs to maximise performance and recovery is a game of experimentation. Watch this talk and I’ll help improve your performance, body composition and recovery.

As a qualified performance nutritionist, keen gym goer and rugby player myself nutrition for performance is a life’s passion of mine. I want to be the every day athlete, I’m not particularly talented or intelligent, but I will do the work, and over the years I feel I have built my body and mind to have a level of performance most would be proud of through learning, applying, and consistently doing.

See, I want to feel awesome every day, look awesome, and perform awesome. I want it all, and you can have it all too. All we need to do is refine the balancing act, apply the science, track our progress see we know what to tweak, and be consistent.

We need to balance sleep with an optimal food intake, we need to balance training with the timing of our food intake, we need to get our supplements right so we can optimise performance and recovery, we need to engage with our food so it stays interesting and we enjoy it, we need to understand when to shift our macros and why, we need to know how to periodise our nutrition as well as our training for maximal output, and we need to know how to balance our social life and have a beer here and there so we ultimately enjoy life.  

If you’re reading this wanting more from your body, wanting to take it to the next level, this video seminar is perfect for you, I’ll take 90 minutes to outline the fundamentals of performance and recovery to you, then slowly build the layers on top so you can build a specific plan for yourself.

It’s time to look, feel and be awesome, lets go…

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