The PT Masterclass

The PT Masterclass

The PT Masterclass

Are you a personal trainer or coach looking to take your business, mindset and work to the next level?

Over the years I’ve given private seminars and workshops, online paid for webinars and personal 1-2-1 mentoring sessions that have all been recorded, but no one’s seen them.. until now. In this PT Masterclass package you’ll get access to all these teachings in video format so you can sit down, get out the note pad and learn from me to advance your future in the fitness industry.

In this package you will get these 6 videos: 

Advance PT Mentoring

A private video recorded mentoring session I did with the owner of a training provider who wanted to advance the knowledge and business of his 1000+ personal trainers that he teaches. In this 2 hour mentoring interview we uncover my journey in fitness, the many pitfalls trainers make, how trainers can be hugely successful, maximising client success, and how to create it all into a plan to be a more successful coach. This mentoring day cost this guy £350, you’re getting it in this package included in the total of £167.

The car Conversation with Remote FitPro

Sometimes its good to go behind the scenes, see what those ‘private conversations’ are, and get an insight into the minds of people doing well. This is one of those conversations where I discuss business with James Moddy of Remote FitPro, who at the time was a mentoring student of mine who has now gone on to build a wildly successful online business teaching PTs how to win in the online space. Enjoy this behind closed door chat between ourselves. This mentoring time cost James £475 per month + travel while he was with me, which you’re getting a snapshot of in this package included in the total of £167.

A Simple Strategy for PT Success

Over the years I have coached 100s of personal trainers simple strategies for more success. In this video I chat to PT Fred Tallis who was struggling to take his business to the next level. He had plenty of clients, but was working too much, was tired, and with a child on the way needed to drastically improve his business so it worked for him, not against him. In this chat I mentor Fred to discover simple strategies to optimise his business. This mentoring session with Fred cost him £90, you’re getting it in this package included in the total of £167.

Making an Impact in the Fitness Industry

How do you make an impact, go big, and be the success you see for yourself? In this paid for webinar with a fitness education company I discuss how to do exactly this, go big, create an impact and be the success you see for yourself. I break down some of my key failures and how I turned them into successes, common mistakes I see trainers making, how to think about your business for greater success, and much more. This paid for webinar cost £47, you’re getting it in this £167 package.

Pick my Brain

If you were a coach and you had a chance to pick my brain on everything and anything you wanted as a personal trainer, what would you ask? Well I bet it’s in this mentoring session I did with a coach that wanted all her questions answering so she could be the best coach she could be. We talk about difficult clients, shifting your mindset, tactical PT growth strategies, my routine, my mindset, her earning potential, and more. This session cost her £90 and you’re getting it in this £167 package.  

PT Toolbox Q&A

Josh Mullin runs PT Toolbox, a service that helps PTs be better at what they do. Josh wanted to interview me based on a ton of questions he’d got from his personal trainers on how to be better, do better, and be fulfilled in their job. This interview is only available here and in Josh’s members area, so this interview which would usually be £90 for my time or £47 in a webinar is available to you in this £167 package, adding to the wealth of tips and knowledge you’re going to get from this PT masterclass package with me.

That’s well over £500 of mentoring value in this package and over 6 hours of videos of my expertise all for just £167. So if you’re keen to sit back over the next couple of weeks, flip open your note book and get busy taking down ideas from my successes as a coach and business journey then this is your chance to grab a bargain and learn in your own time when you’re ready.

(These videos will be delivered via email upon purchase).

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