25 Reasons you’re not losing body fat

25 Reasons you’re not losing body fat

25 Reasons you’re not losing body fat

Fat Loss is simple, but not easy, after all I lost 5.5 stone in 6 months, and it was easy for me, but it’s because a few key things occurred. In this flagship talk I explore all the different factors that lead to a lack of success and seeing the results you want. There is a lot that happens day to day that can hold you back, and in this talk I aim to inspire you to think about all these different factors and create a path to success.

Are there really 25 reasons you’re not losing body fat? No.

But… What this talk is aimed to do is make you think about all the ways you can hold yourself back. Losing fat is simple in theory, we just need to eat less than our body needs consistently, but it’s not always that easy. Most people know this simple fact, but few are successful with it. So yes it is as simple as calories in calories out, but its not that straight forward.

Why? It can be because we lead busy lives, or the many different stresses you may encounter, some simply don’t know the best methods or steps to take, some don’t know what foods are good or bad and get confused, some don’t sleep well, some find exercise unenjoyable, and some don’t feel they have the support around them to be successful with their goals. Add all these things up and it could create an environment of continual yo-yo dieting.

If you feel as though you’ve been bouncing back and forth with your weight for many years, watch this talk. If you don’t get the value back from what you paid, I’ll eat my hat, do 1000 burpees, and personally come to your house and give you your money back. I’m that confident this talk recording will change the game for you and inspire you to take action. 

Join me in this talk and I’ll outline my 25 factors you need to consider and overhaul to get on top of your fat loss goals. All of these reasons will indirectly impact your ability to lose weight, so get this stuff right and success is yours. I’ll also inspire you, motivate you, and make you think differently about yourself and your goals.

Ready to finally take control of your health and weight? Awesome. Lets go…

If you’re keen to go all in on this fat loss journey with yourself I would recommend taking these steps 

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