Physique Science Radio - Layne Norton

This is definitely one of my favourite interviews that I have ever done, being interviewed by Layne Norton and Sohee Fit on the Physique Science Podcast.

In this interview we talked about:

  • IIFYM and my view on the downsides of its promotion online
  • My approach as a coach and why it differs to Layne
  • Why people think mine and Layne's approach to nutrition is different
  • Why everyone is arguing about context out of context
  • Things that annoy us in fitness online
  • What 'is' being an entrepreneur and wanting to better yourself
  • The path that life takes you on
  • The path to individual greatness

This was an EPIC recording. I really enjoyed the content that we put together for this, and I think you are are going to love it too. Enjoy.

Listen here