Powerful interviews and talks

Over the years I’ve had the honour of being on some amazing podcasts, shows and stages, here you’ll find all my extended interviews and free talks, the juicy 30-90 minute shows where I expand on my journey, what it takes to succeed with your body and mind, my best advice, and more. So if you want to delve into my brain and you’re ready to grow, watching these interviews will be time well spent.

Perform to your potential

In this chat on the mindset junkie podcast I discuss the mindset needed to be your best self, how I was arrogant in my early years, how to get clearer on your goals, where people fall down in skill development, how to focus on the right stuff to move the needle, and more. An educational and inspiring chat with Seamus Fox.

The 'Getting to grips' Podcast

I get interviewed on where I am in my life now as we look to be coming out of lockdown. How things are different and how I find balance as well as getting into a ‘flow state’ how to say no when it serves, gyms reopening in the UK and keeping nutrition simple.

Inspired Edinburgh

One of my #1 shows, loved this interview. We discuss my journey, the pain I had to work through at various points, my advice to my younger self, what I envisage for my future, and more.

Innerfight Dubai

I get interviewed on the confusion in the world about diets, how social media is impacting our health and mental well-being, a healthy mindset, how to be an amazing personal trainer and more.

Health hackers

I get interviewed on how to hack your own diet, the misinformation around fasting and keto diets, how to get more motivated, how to optimise exercise recovery, whats behind our addictions and more.

Success after school

Should you go to university? Or get a job? Many people are unsure about their future and what to do and feel the only way to be a success is to go to uni. Far from it. In this talk I discuss my journey, the decisions I took when I was young, the things I regret, the lessons I've learnt, and words of wisdom I have for others working out their future direction.

The future of the fitness industry

What is the future of the fitness industry, and does it look positive? I don't think so, there are too many egos and too much narcissism, but we can be the change we want to see, but here's how. This talk from Body Power 2017 is a call to arms for coaches and the industry to be the change we want to see.

Dreams to reality

Cameron Parker is a man doing awesome things, he’s a speaker in schools, a man out to inspire the next generation. Cameron interviewed me on my journey from youth to now, my advice to younger people, my business journey, how to deal with haters, how to calve your own path in life and much more.

Stephen Rowan Show

Stephen interviews me on the diet industries BS, but also our own BS and how to work around the problems we face, after all we know more than we think we do and often stand in our own way when it comes to success.

Jordan Dunn PT

I chat with Jordan about owning your choices, tips to optimise your lifestyle, getting rid of excuses, how busy people can get a lot out of their body and more.

Velocity PT

I get interviewed by Velocity PT all about being an awesome personal trainer, how to be better at your job, the mistakes I made, how to boost your income as a PT, the career path I took and more.

SFN Expo – On the couch

I’ve spoken at SFN for the last 4 years and 2 years ago we got on the couch and chatted all things diet, shakes, mindset, performance, health, motivation, change, the mindset you need to be successful with your body and mind, and much more. I love SFN expo, so anyone that lives in Scotland make sure you get a ticket for the next event, well worth a visit.

What's your legacy?

I join the ‘Know your Legacy’ show to discuss what I feel are the road blocks people face in life, what I feel my purpose and legacy is, where and how fat loss was a lift changing journey for me, my favourite books, the different goals we have from general fat loss to getting six pack abs, and more.

Healthy Ambition Show

Are you ambitious? I am, and so is Scott Laidler the owner of the Healthy Ambition Podcast. Scott interviews me on my career journey to date, what challenges I feel have defined me, what lessons I have taken from my failures, how others can step up and be more ambitious, and more.

Motivational talk to college students

In this talk to a group of 17-19 year old college students I inspire them with their potential. I discuss my career journey, mistakes I’ve made, the mindset they need to succeed, career options they have, how the world has changed with modern technology, life lessons, productivity, and more.

Nutrition Coaching is an Art

I’m a nutrition coach, its part science and part art, aspiring coaches must appreciate this if they want to be a world class coach. In this interview for coaches with Nordic Fitness Education I discuss “Do no harm”, the evolution of nutrition science, theory vs practice, environment and client and adherence, and more.

Lessons from dark places

Everyone has been to dark places in life, me included. In 2018 I spent the whole year facing bankruptcy, and it taught me a lot. In this video interview I discuss my business lessons, my focus, my vision for myself, how I got out of my dark place, the team around me, my journey in fitness and more.