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I lost 5.5 stone of body fat, built 3 stone of muscle, and formed a career in the world of health and fitness. This is where you can learn my story and how I can help you…

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I absolutely love health and fitness and all things nutrition. It’s been a complete game changer for me. I take so much pride in my work of helping others take on the same life changing journey as me, tackling their own individual obstacles.

At the age of 18 I had this stark realisation – I would never make a success of myself being obese, unhealthy and ultimately, unhappy. So I took control. I formed my mantra - “if I don’t change myself I won’t be successful, I need to change, I want to change” And I lived it, I started running, I started eating better and I started valuing my health.

It wasn’t easy though, I lost just 5lbs in the first few months and I was struggling to see the weight loss I was working for. I was becoming frustrated. I felt as though I was putting in so much effort but just not seeing the results I wanted.

After an argument with my brother and some honest self-reflection I knew I needed to do more, to find better answers, to find a better way. I found a new gym and got some great advice from a trainer. From that day forward I applied his tips and guidance and I proceeded to lose 5.5 stone of fat, with the first 4 stone coming off in the first 4 months.

It was a life changing half a year for me…

After losing 5.5 stone of body fat I looked what can best be described as ‘skinny fat’. But I wanted that cover model look so many aspire to, to look athletic and strong. Over the coming years I started to hit the gym harder with the aim to build muscle, to become the athlete I had a vision for in my head. I spent my early gym years training for function and strength to correct the many postural issues I had as a result of my teenage years. After this and while I was at university I spent those 3-4 years focused on building muscle, and I did, I built 3 stone of muscle to achieve that look I was after.

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This life changing journey got me totally hooked on fitness and nutrition, so much so I decided to make it my life’s work - and to this day it has been. I started as a personal trainer, and then chose to specialise in nutrition after university. While I am proud to say I am a personal trainer, a masseuse, a strength coach and a nutritionist, I have chosen to take my focus to online coaching, education and speaking.

After more than 12 years in the fitness industry I’ve coached 1000s of people. I’ve worked from elite sport to schools - training kids, I’ve spoken in front of companies such as Sky TV and O2, and I’ve been on TV as an expert in nutrition, I’ve taught personal trainers the skills I have, I’ve written books, and built a podcast up to be a UK #1 rated show, and I continue to be a product of my work, all with the aim to inspire, teach and empower others who wish to tread a similar path to me.

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“How can I help you become Awesome(r)?”

I coach, I teach, I write, and I do this all with the aim to inspire and empower you on your journey.

What is it you feel you want or need to learn to take the next step to become better and more empowered?

The likelihood is I’ve written a blog on that very topic.

My blog is full of my life experiences and teaching, I’ve written blogs on what I eat and how I exercise, I’ve even written a blog on how to live to 100 – a life aim of mine. I’ve written about what books I’ve read and what I’d recommend to you, how to reduce your stress and achieve better balance, and more.

Then perhaps we could start with you challenging yourself to be better, to take that step of you showing yourself what you are truly capable of. You can do this by taking one of my five day challenges, there’s three to choose from and you can get started below…

Experience one of my 5-day challenges and let’s optimise your body, learn cool stuff and above all get Awesome(r)