Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition for children is a passion project of mine, and because of this I teamed up with Jen Bulcock – a passionate mum, to write this free guide for parents to help improve their kids’ nutrition and the food they eat. This is a free book simply to help parents, kids and families fuel their growing bodies and mind. After all, we are what we eat, so let’s eat to achieve the best.

If you’re a parent you know how important it is to feed your kids the best you can and be sure they are getting the best food possible to nourish their development and growth, however you may be struggling to get around some fussy habits and therefore worry they’re not eating enough good food.

Let me help with this simple free guide. I’ve seen first hand the effects of poor nutrition on growth, development and overall energy. Being an obese teenager with poor food habits I wanted to help other parents help their kids get the right fuel to be their best.

With Jen’s help I’ll explain some fundamentals, outline some quick wins, help with a few simple strategies, and fill you with ideas to try at home. Grab a free copy and get stuck in.

(This e-book will be delivered via email after registering). 

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