A beginners guide to lifting weights


Wish you could go into a gym and just know what your doing? To not feel lost, or stupid, or unsure of whether you are doing the right thing for you and your goals?

There is an awful lot of information around the internet on weight training in the gym, but most of it is aimed at intermediate and advanced lifters. Well, not anymore.

Let this simple guide help you to understand where to start and why, from the very first day that you set foot in the gym.

Learn how to set up a training program, why, how nutrition feeds into it, use an example training guide for your first 3 months, how to recover efficiently... and much more.

A simple book on training that you can implement tomorrow. And best of all it’s FREE. All I ask is for your email address and to tell me whether you are someone just looking to enhance your health and training, or are a coach/PT.

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