A guide for flexible dieting


Any idea what IIFYM or Flexible Dieting is? It’s one of the highest trending topics right now in the world of health and fitness and has been popularised due to its ability to help people with food demons and creating flexibility when dieting.

Most diets tell you to eat particular foods, in a particular way. Or tell you to avoid foods for certain reasons. This book doesn't. IIFYM is about including ALL foods in your diet, and managing it in a way that you can still reach your fat loss, muscle building, or health goals.

Diets shouldn’t be restrictive, but most are, and this isn’t sustainable long term.

IIFYM is a way to understand how you can make a diet sustainable, a diet that does include takeaways, alcohol, sweet foods and all the foods that people tend to crave when they are on a diet.

Once you have nailed some of the simple nutritional concepts, tips and tricks I talk about in The Nutrition Bible, you can be ready for this. No point in not knowing how to stick to a diet long term.

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