How to be an AWESOME personal trainer


Want to be the best possible coach humanly possible? Want more job satisfaction? This book is all about making you the best possible practitioner you can be, an AWESOME Personal Trainer (or coach, or masseuse, or fitness trainer). Whether you are a PT, a S&C coach, a masseuse, or anyone working face to face with clients in a gym or fitness environment, you can learn something from this book.

There are many things you will not have considered in your working environment and how it affects the people that matter, your clients. Knowing about training, nutrition, movement and lifestyle is of course key, but what about all the others skills you need as a coach to succeed?

  • Remember, you are in the people business, there is far more to being a coach than just knowing about training and nutrition
  • How do you interact with a client?
  • How do you structure your time?
  • How do you price your time and your services?
  • How do you adopt the character traits of a world class coach?
  • How do you exemplary customer service for your clients?
  • How do you become super time efficient so you don't get bogged down in admin after a 12 hour shift?
  • Do you use social media to market your services?
  • Should you coach in groups?
  • How do you become as successful as you dream in your career?

All these questions and more are covered in this book. How do I know all this? Because I was once a bad coach, but after years of working in the trenches, I've learnt the error of my ways, the hard way. Let me short cut your development as a coach and practitioner and teach you the life skills that you need outside of teaching your client how to eat and move better.

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