How to build a brand


I’ve been in the fitness industry for 10 years, and I’ve been building my online brand and business’s for 6 years, and I’d like to think I’ve done a solid job…

I am by no means a business Jedi, but for me business is straight forward, and business is life. If you are self-employed, or a business owner or employed, knowing business is essential in your career progression. Business has become a dirty word, and it isn’t, business connects the world, and we spend at least a 3rd of our lives living and breathing it, aka our work life.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, I love to create things that benefit the world and other people, and my medium is the world of health and fitness. I’ve worked hard at what I have, and will continue to work hard to build it more.

What we all need to appreciate is that business can be easy, if you choose for it to be, and in this seminar recorded live at Leisure Industry week from their business zone where I gave my speech, I will teach you:

  • Why pinnochio is key before we even start
  • My journey from being obese to trainer & nutritionist
  • My education through uni and beyond
  • Why working 5 jobs at uni was key
  • How I made myself stand out from the competition
  • What I did when I nearly left my business behind and joined the RAF instead
  • How I developed the balls to follow my dreams
  • How I plan and set goals
  • How I grew Body Type Nutrition to be a lead education and coaching company
  • How I built a UK #1 rated podcast
  • How I wrote for mainstream magazines
  • Why dreaming is key, but implementing those dreams few do
  • How to deal with haters
  • How to increase your level of motivation
  • How to build your personal brand
  • How and why you need to build an athlete mindset
  • What the hustle spectrum is
  • Why your mobile is part of peoples lack of success
  • The recipe for awesomeness
  • How to organise your life for maximum return
  • Why visual planning is key
  • Why I personally don’t like tech based scheduling
  • How I set up my work day for success
  • How I stay organised and well planned
  • How to get noticed, for a job, by others, companies, or the media
  • Why values are your guiding north star
  • What books I recommend
  • The value of a network in business growth
  • When to say yes, and no

Want to learn all that and more? Dive in, click buy below, and come on a journey with me, a seminar that could change your life in many ways, if you allow it too…