A intermediates guide to training


Have you been in the gym a while, but lack the results you want? Want to be bigger, stronger and more able? Maybe you’ve used my Beginners Guide to Lifting for 12 weeks and now want to progress beyond that? It’s been 3 months, and you are now ready for the next level.

Either way, I can help you reach the next level of your physique development, especially if you use this information combined with The Nutrition Blueprint, and then eventually with The Sports Nutrition Blueprint (there is also a good and sizeable nutrition section in this book also to ensure you get maximum results).

So if you have been in the gym for a little while now, earned your first few gym stripes, have nailed the basic lifts and how simple programming looks, it’s time to advance that and show you how training programs need to be planned and evolved as an officially intermediate lifter.

In this guide you will learn how to program intermediate level training programs, will have 6 months worth of training cycles laid out for you (which you can use for far longer as you can keep using them with increased load and intensity and cycling back and forth through strength and hypertrophy cycles aka intensification and accumulation cycles) along with all the other factors you’ll need to know when advancing your training to the next level.

I’ll outline all the why’s, how’s and more and tell you the reps, sets, rest and tempo to use on all lifts. No stone will be left unturned in building you up to be an intermediate level gym goer and getting bigger, stronger and more able in the gym.

Check out the contents page for this book to see what we cover (I wrote it with co-author Tom Bainbridge), and what one of the months training cycles looks like:

If you are ready to take your training to the next level, or get more focused and real with your training, then The Intermediate Guide to Lifting is perfect for you.