The sports nutrition blueprint


Do you play sport? Or maybe you are an advanced gym goer? If so, you need to get your diet on point to support the demands of your training and lifestyle, otherwise you risk inefficient recovery, sub par performance, and the body composition of, well, not an athlete.

I want you to look AND perform like an athlete, and this is the guide that can help.

In The Sports Nutrition Blueprint I will teach you everything you need to make your diet bespoke to your sport.

How to eat and how much, how much carbohydrate, protein and fat to eat, how to optimise your fibre and micronutrient intake, how to feel awesome as an athlete everyday, how to look like an athlete and maintain the body composition you want, how to implement advanced recovery strategies, how to enhance performance, what supplements to take and why depending on your sports demands, how to factor in your social life around your sports demands, how to enjoy your social life with food and alcohol around your sport, training demands, how to get the most out of your body, and much more.

If you play sport (or are an advanced gym goer) and have nailed and implemented my advice in The Nutrition Blueprint, then you can progress to applying The Sports Nutrition Blueprint.

The perfect manual for the athlete in becoming REALLY AWESOME!

See the contents page and what I cover in the book… Then grab your copy now and become a better athlete.