Success after University


In my 5 years after university I’ve achieved a lot, and this was recognised by my old university, Hull. I was invited back to speak at an event for students with the aim of inspiring them with my story, and for them to go and do great things themselves.

I believe the modern world is one of opportunity, we are living in the greatest time of our age. The internet, travel to all corners of the globe, live streaming, jobs for obscure things like playing computer games, we can truly achieve what we want to achieve, whether that’s a job, to start your own business, you can do whatever you want.

In this seminar I will discuss my journey through uni and after it, what I have learnt, what messages I would impart to others, what mistakes I’ve made, what I would change, how I ‘made’ it in the eyes of others, how I developed things people wanted, and more.

If you see success in what I have done, and you think I can help you with my journey and advice, watch this seminar, and let me help you with achieving what it is you want to, especially if you are in education now, or are considering your next steps in your future journey and career.