Why am I not achieving my goals


What we want to achieve is personal to us. Many don’t follow their own goals, but rather the goals our environment dictates and these are often based around the perception we have of ourselves

In this seminar I’ll take a deep look at the world of fitness, how social media is dictating the rules, how environmental pressure is making us unhappy and unfocused with regard to what we want, and how to create a plan to go in depth on this yourself.

To achieve what YOU want to achieve is a process you have to go through on a real level. Goal setting is not superficial, it is deep and meaningful work, and it is wholly personal to you. But not enough of us are making it personal, and too many of us are scared to. But this is how it must be. Watch this raw, open and life changing seminar, and start to achieve what it is you want in life, and with your health and fitness.